Accommodation can be made for students with special needs and for students facing extraordinary circumstances such as illness during the exam period.Students with documented special education needs may be granted accommodations as is supported by their psycho-educational or medical report. Special examination accommodation may also be granted to students whose first language is not English, if the student is not proficient enough in the use of the English Language. Schools should indicate during the registration process, what language the student is competent in and that they would require an interpreter for the examination. Parents would be asked to assist in supporting this process. Students who have a medical condition that may inhibit their performance in the examination may receive special accommodation.This includes students with chronic medical conditions, students who are hospitalized or who might have had an accident close to the examination period which will affect them sitting the examinations. This may include a writer in the case of a student whose arm has been broken and is unable to write.


For further information on accommodation for students with special needs, please contact the:

Assistant Chief Education Officer
Special Education Unit
Ministry of Education
Caenwood Centre
37 Arnold Road
Kingston 5
Tel: 876-967-2312

Special Needs Documents